Different types of underwater services

The range of services provided by the underwater industry is expanding. Undersea service solutions are getting more refined and efficient as demand for underwater activities like rock removal, salvaging, and shipping increases. With the rapid advancement of technology, new occupations and talents are being created. Here are different types of maritime-related undersea services.

Underwater rock removal

This is the removal of unwanted rocks from a water source to allow either construction to take place or pave way for maritime vessels. Underwater rock removal is mainly a process that involves explosives to blast the rocks before removal. Underwater drilling and blasting activities primarily use two types of explosives: nitroglycerine-based explosives (NG) and ammonium nitrate-based explosives. Nitroglycerine is a viscous, explosive gas that can detonate with just a minor shock. Other methods include hydraulic excavators, cranes with diving stations, and land and floating devices.

Underwater salvaging

Also known as salvage diving, it involves diving to recover ships, their cargoes, aircraft, and other submerged or submerged vehicles and structures in whole or in part. The term “ship repair” can also apply to the work done to improve the towing or self-propulsion capabilities of an abandoned or distressed ship that is still afloat. Wreck diving is a combination of recreational and technical activities that are not normally considered salvage work, although recreational divers may be able to retrieve some relics.

Haul cleaning

Fouling of the ship’s hull is one of the most typical issues with its submerged structures. It occurs when marine life becomes entangled in the ship’s propellers or hull, which is how it gets its name. This may have an impact on the vessels’ overall performance and fuel efficiency. Teams of commercial divers with the appropriate competence do hull cleaning to undo hull fouling.

Repair of underwater vessels

Long trips, bad weather, and the passage of time can all be detrimental to the ship’s health and well-being. Maintenance work is critical to the life of any infrastructure or vehicle. A commercial diving team performs this specific service. Many types of underwater repair work can be done, such as salvaging in water and removing wire, chain, and line from the operating gear